Outplacement (interim management)

Our firm is a leader in the real estate sector. We mobilize around this key industry for the European economy, by proposing new solutions to the major current challenges: digitalization, changes in uses, Grand&nbspParis, internationalization...

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We support all the players in this sector of activity...


- Investment funds
- Real estate or large institutional investors
- SCPI / OPCI management companies
- Family offices / private

Promoters and Operations Managers

- Commercial real estate, hotels, trade
- Residential, serviced residences
- Logistics, activity, infrastructures
- Public sector, health, PPP

Service Companies

- Asset and property managers
- Financing banks
- Investment, transaction and user advice
- Law firms, notary offices
- Experts
- Professional federations

Large users

- Real estate departments
- Signs
- Distributors

... on expertise, team management or general management issues

Operational positions

- Investment, asset management
- Fund management, portfolio management
- Investor Relations, Fundraising
- Research Directorate
- Assembly management / tenders, development management
- Profit centre / branch management
- Program / project management, operations management
- Urban Projects Directorate, Institutional Relations Directorate
- Technical management (design / implementation), MOD
- Innovation and/or Sustainable Development Directorate

Support functions

- Finance, financing, real estate debt
- Human Resources
- Digital & IT
- Legal & fiscal
- Marketing & communication