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Matera 2021 podcast

The troublemaker of trustees
Podcast by Raphaël Di Meglio, Matera
29 November 2021

Proptakers Tailora

The virtual in stone
Podcast by Bastien Schultz, Tailora
21st October 2021

Proptakers J. Dhiver

The swing of the Paperstone
Podcast by Jonathan Dhiver, RocknData
23rd September 2021


Digitalization at the heart of transactions
Podcast by Michael Sigda, Olarchy
22 July 2021


Tech in stone
Podcast by Godefroy Jordan, SmartHab
24th June 2021

Vignette WM v smartbuilding

From lift to smart building
Podcast by Jade Francine, WeMaintain
20th May 2021

WAW V3 sticker

When the office becomes an Experience
Podcast by Nicolas Beuvaden, Welcome at Work
April 15, 2021


Real estate data as a performance lever
Podcast by Vincent Bryant, Deepki
March 19, 2021