Digital & Data

Digital is no longer a marketing phenomenon but a reality for many companies. At Haussmann, we assist large listed, family-owned companies, SMEs and start-ups in identifying and recruiting their digital talent.

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The actors who call on us in search of their talents:

Major Groups

We work with all major groups (CAC40, family groups, etc.) to define their needs and recruit digital talent. As headhunters specialising in the digital sector, we help them develop their employer brand with talent pools.

Pure players and Start-ups

We provide upstream support to web players such as pure players, but also to all start-ups in a growth phase. As experts in the sector, we are also present with managers in their choice of organisation and job definition.


We advise the major media (TV, radio, press) and online advertising players (advertising agencies, publishers, trading desks) on all of the Digital Division's activities, but also on more complex areas of expertise (RTB, programmatics, AdExchange, etc.).

Consultancy firms, IT services companies & Publishers

We help specialist consulting firms, major IT services companies or international solution providers to strengthen their position in the face of increased competition and in expert fields (data, UX, strategy, etc.).

Our expertise leads us to intervene in these professions:

  • General Management: DG, CEO, DGA
  • Digital management: Chief Digital Officer, e-Commerce Director, Digital Transformation Director, ...
  • Online acquisition: acquisition & online marketing department
  • Customer management: CRM/e-CRM director, WebAnalytics manager, ...
  • Data management: Chief Data Officer, data scientists
  • Social media management, e-reputation, brand management
  • Phygitalisation & omnichanal